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House washing

What's eating your house? Molds, algae, mildew and moss can be feeding off of your home, Blasting your home with high pressure water is not the answer. Using a bucket and a brush would take to long and is a lot of work. Having the weekend warrior crowd with a borrowed pressure washer may not be the best idea. Hiring a local power washing proffessional is the right answer to the problem.

Vinyl siding  can safely be cleaned from the ground. Detergents sprayed onto the house and will loosen soil. Then we rinse the loose soil and detergent away.
Safely soft washing of steel siding. Steel siding is a bit tricky to wash with our leaving light spots or stripping we have that knowledge and eqipment.
Masonite siding, also be called "hardboard" can be cleaned with our methods. Even two and three story homes can be safely washed from the ground.
Cedar siding can be cleaned and washed too. Softer wood takes more care and knowledge so as not to gouge or damange the wood.

Power washing brick with good detergents can make your home or business fronts look brighter and more stunning.

Native rock can be power washed and will give your home a "new look". Power washing will remove that moss and liken.

For those homes that have more than one type of building material used, our machines allow us to use different methods when needed. Power washing for native rock, safe soft washing of your vinyl siding.

Our other services:

House Washing
Hot or Cold Water Washing
Power Washing
Pressure Washing
Soft Washing
Dry Steam Cleaning
Graffiti Removal
Pete's Port-a-Wash
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Concrete Washing
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